Finance Options

We offer 3 finance options to help get you on a board faster.

  1. Klarna
    You can choose Klarna as a payment option in the order process on our website. With Karna you have several options of how many payments you would like to make. Klarna has it's own checking procedure, so if this option is not possible, please choose paypal or manual bank transfer.

  2. Paypal
    Paypal is not only a very fast payment option, but when you are forwarded to the paypal site from our shop, you also can choose to pay in installments on the paypal site. How many payments and which installment amount is up to you and paypal.

  1. Manual Bank Transfer
    For this option you choose money transfer on our website when you checkout, and write us an email to us , that you would like to pay manually in installments. For the first payment you have to pay half of the amount. The other half you pay in 3 equal payments in the next 3 months.

    For example:
    Total Amount: 2000 €. Payment 1: 1000 Euro, Payment 2: 333 Euro, Payment 3: 333 Euro, Payment 4: 334 Euro.