How do I control the board?

The board acceleration is controlled by a wireless remote.  To turn you use your body weight as you would a normal longboard skateboard.

How do I brake?

To slow down you push the trigger forward on the handheld remote.  The brake is firm when applied at medium to fast speeds and is very safe.  The braking is softer at slow speeds and may not bring you to a complete halt.  It has been designed to be as safe as possible.

R-2 Remote trigger value adjustment

Set the trigger value for mimimun brake (no brake) not when the trigger is fully out, but when it is 1mm before fully out.
What is does: Sometimes the trigger value or trigger itself is not fully out, even if you let go fully. Then you cannot accelerate, as it is still a little in brake mode.
Also it prevents that at the slightest touch on the brake, it starts braking.

R-2 Remote changing main conroller version:

- Press 2 times fast blue button of the remote.
- Go down with bottom button and enter the more info screen by pressing blue button once.
- Press 2 times fast blue button and 2 times fast top button (you see then in right bottom of screen "V2")
- Press 2 times fast blue button to change to "V1"
- Press blue button 1 time to get out of the menu.
- Turn remote and board off and then on again.
- You can pair now by holding the top button for some seconds.

Evolve GT Series FAQ 

How do the speed modes work?

The Evolve GT has FOUR speed modes. SLOW, ECO, FAST & GT.

A lot of time has been spent refining each of these modes to perfectly match the mode selected and offer smooth consistent trigger control. While there is a lot involved, the most noticeable affect of each mode will be the torque. As a percentage, a rough guide to these is as follows:

SLOW mode will offer around 20% of available power, with a limited top speed – perfect to learn on.

ECO mode offers around 40% of available power, with more speed but limited to be ideal for cruising and achieving maximum range.

FAST mode offers 60% of available power (still plenty!), and the full range of speed. Our preferred mode for the best balance of performance.

GT mode offers the full 100% power available to attack the steepest hills and provide relentless acceleration!

WARNING: FAST and GT mode offer performance capabilities not suitable for beginners AND can allow the rider to get in situations that may increase risk in operation. Riders must understand the power this board can offer must be respected for safe use.


Can I use the Evolve GT Remote with a non-GT board?

To offer GT level performance, we redesigned the skateboard from the ground up. The result is an all new design, with functionality not compatible with components outside the GT series design.


How Fast can I go on the Evolve GT?

A lot of factors ultimately control speed. Weather conditions, surface conditions battery charge level, riding style, rider profile and significantly board setup. The GT series is available with a range of wheel options, as well as additional gearing options. A smaller wheel or bigger gear will offer more torque, whereas a bigger wheel or smaller gear will increase top speed. A rough guide for what to expect can be gauged in the following table, referencing gear options and some available wheel sizes.

Wheel Size (mm)

Standard GT Gear


38 Tooth Gear















How can I get the best range from my skateboard?

ECO mode has been designed specifically for this purpose, and all our advertised ranges and testing has been conducted in this mode. Averaging 20kmh, with gentle trigger control and not exceeding speed much is the key. Our tests were carried out in mostly flat conditions, with an 80kg rider, and weight will affect this range somewhat with reference to this. Ensuring proper charging and board maintenance will also give the best opportunity for a long ride!


Is the Evolve GT waterproof?

In testing, the board held up quite well to instances of water. However due to the greater issue that comes with wet conditions – slippery surfaces – we have decided not to state waterproofing a priority feature in our design. A greater priority to Evolve is safe use of our boards. With the power available from the GT, combined with slippery conditions, our testing showed high potential for involuntary safety risks using electric skateboards in wet conditions. For this reason, we strongly advise against use in wet environments .


What skate wheels can I use on the Evolve GT?

Our current favourite is our own Evolve GT Street wheels. We took the best bits of our favourite wheels and mashed them together for a wheel perfect for our electric skateboard! But if black isn’t your colour, we still have a large selection to choose from! We have drive gears for the Orangatang Kegel wheels, and gears that work with the ABEC11 Flywheel hubs. These wheels come in quite a few variations so there are sure to be a set perfect for you!

We also have plans to expand options, so stay tuned for future developments!


Can I use other AT Wheels or Tyres on the Evolve GT

We designed the 7” Evolve AT wheels to be long lasting, high grip all terrain wheels. They are the perfect complement to the Evolve GT series. We have tested MBS 8” tyres on our hubs with success, but the MBS hubs are not compatible with the standard bearings offered with the GT quick change setup. Similar tyres may work, we advise checking for wheelbite before any use with unmentioned tyres.


Will the GT 7” tyres work on my previous gen board?

In short, sort of. Our tyres will fit on the MBS hubs used in our previous carbon series, but we have not designed a new drive gear yet. The 7” tyre will offer more torque and better off track torque, at the expense of top speed. 5kmh drop in speed has been seen in testing.


Can I upgrade my current board to Evolve GT setup and performance? 

As the GT is an all new design, we are not able to upgrade previous generation boards to this setup. Both the electronics and physical design are significant to the performance of the GT – we required a complete redesign that will not be compatible with previous generation boards.


How fast does it go?

This varies depending on the rider weight, terrain and slope.  On a good flat road/footpath the bamboo series and carbon street board can reach speeds of 35-38kms per hour.  However the boards are not about speed more-so about carving and cruising.


Can I ride the board up hills?

Yes.  The boards inclines of up to 25% gradient, in other words INSANELY STEEP for the GT series boards.  Riding on hills can be very dangerous, what goes up must come down! So if you ride up an insanely steep hill and you intend to ride down this same hill, this is extremely dangerous and you must know how to control your speed without the use of the electric brakes if ever there was a malfunction or there was a situation where the brakes fail.


How long will the battery last and how long does it take to recharge?

Bamboo street - up to 30km and 80mins recharge time 

Bamboo AT -  Up to 15km and 80mins recharge time

Carbon street -  Up to 40km and 120mins recharge time

Carbon AT -  Up to 30km and 120mins recharge time

Carbon GT Street -  Up to 50km range depending on conditions

Carbon GT AT -  Up to 30km range depending on conditions 

These specs are tested on fairly flat ground with a few small inclines. Battery life depends on factors such as weight of rider, terrain, inclines and also the way the rider uses the trigger. On the AT boards, battery range can vary if PSI levels get below 40PSI.  Watch this video to get the best range from your boards -  


How many charges will I get out of my battery?

Approximately 1000 full recharges.


Is there any warranty?

Yes there is a 2 years warranty.

Which wheels can I use on my board?

We have two drive gears compatible with our bamboo series and carbon street boards that can be used with a variety of top shelf wheels.  We'll be making more gears that are compatible with other wheels in the future but at this stage you can use the wheels below.  Check out our compatible wheels video.

  • Evolve GT 83mm wheels
  • Loaded Orangatang Kegel wheels
  • Abec 11 83mm, 90mm and 97mm Flywheels.
  • MBS RS11 hubs and 8" tyres
  • Evolve 7" AT wheels


How old do I have to be to use an Evolve board?

This electric skateboard is a high performance machine and should not used or operated in any way by children under the age of 14 years old unless under Adult supervision.


Is the board waterproof?

No but you can ride through some surface water on roads/footpaths etc however never ride your board through puddles of waters.  Carving on wet surfaces may make the board slide out from under your feet, so be careful of this.


How do I maintain my Evolve board?

Maintaining your Evolve board is very simple.  None of the electrical or mechanical parts need to be serviced.  Just routinely checking that screws and nuts are tight, bearings are clean and rolling freely, rotating your wheels and keeping your board clean.


Can I do tricks on it?

You can slide on the board but take care that you don’t abuse the board in a way that will void your warranty.  Please refer to our Store Policies page for more info.

What is the maximum weight that can ride the board?

The limit we suggest is 100kgs.  Over this weight and the board will loose some torque only noticeable on hills. 


If I'm riding with a friend who also has an Evolve board will our remotes interfere with each other?

If the carbon boards ride very closely (1-2 meters) next to the bamboo boards its possible that you will loose signal for a split second.  However riding carbons or bamboos together will never cause an interference between boards.  The remote can only control 1 board at a time whilst riding.


Can I kick push home if I run out of batteries?

Yes, the board has little resistance which enables it to roll when the power is off.


How often will I need to replace the drive belt?

We use the highest quality drive belts available on the market (Gates, made in UK), they are very quiet and durable.  The belts should last a very long time and generally become better with age.  If ever the belt does break due to wear and tear, replacing it takes a few minutes and they are available on our website.


How loud is the Evolve board?

Our boards are extremely quiet to ride.


Can the All Terrain models ride over sand, rocks and long grass?

No, the board has not been designed for pure off road riding but can be used on any compact or hard surface.


How do you swap between the All Terrain setup and the street setup?

The board can be converted between setups within approx 5 minutes.  You can watch the conversion video here.


Carbon series FAQ’s


What is the difference between the bamboo series and the carbon series?

The Bamboo Series boards are basically a top quality professional longboard with a motor attached to it.  The whole vibe of these boards is about fun, cruising and carving the endless wave without ever having to kick push like a regular longboard skateboard.  They are designed to be quiet, light and discrete when riding.  A perfect entry level board with a short range AT option, the Bamboo Series is perfect for the late arvo cruise, weekend fun or commuting to work and will get  you where you want to go in style while being awesome fun along the way.  The bamboo series boards are also a perfect application for cross training for surfing and snowboarding.  Our super carve truck teamed with professional wheels and a powerful custom electric system makes for an exhilarating riding experience.  

The Carbon Series is more for the extremist/enthusiast electric longboarder.  The street setup is often descibed by riders as a stealth carving weapon and a longer wheelbase AT setup that begs you to take the long way home.  The materials used in the design for the deck are made from a Carbon Fiber/Kevlar mixture giving the board a very techy look and feel.  The battery used for this design has now been incorporated into the deck which is very different from traditional electric skateboard designs.   

We use our 'super carve truck' on all our boards so both the All Terrain and Street setups carve like a dream. Both the Bamboo and Carbon series boards and are of excellent quality and unlike other electric skateboards each model allows the rider to change between 'All Terrain' setups and traditional longboard setups giving you the best of both worlds!


Can the carbon board ride through water?

The board can ride through small amounts of surface water but should not go through puddles or heavy rain.