STREET LEGAL BOARDS NOW AVAILABLE limited to 20km/h to use in some Scandinavian Countries where it is legal to use up to 20km/h. You may need some lights or similar. If you already have a board, and want to limit the top speed, we can do that, no prob.
Of course if you just order, you get the unlimited version up to 47km/h :-)


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Evolve One Used

- 2000 Watt Outrunner Motor
- Range: 35 km
- 35-42km/h Top Speed (depending on wheel/gear)
- Hill climbing of up to 20% gradient (insanely steep!)
- with R2 Remote
- delivery time: Now, in stock!
799,00 €
(incl. 19% MwSt/Tax)

Evolve Skateboards presents ONE, the single motor series inspired by our earlier generation Pintail and Snubnose designs which helped shape Evolve into what we are today.
Minimal used with new battery!

Now also with R2 Remote

The bamboo deck has old school characteristics of both the Pintail and Snubnose designs with an added kicktail in the rear of the board with a medium flex allowing for a smooth ride.  

As far as performance goes, the Evolve ONE has a lot to offer!  The powerful 2000 watt sensored brushless outrunner motor allows for a smooth acceleration and braking experience and up to 20% gradient hill climbing ability all on the single drive system.  The custom lithium Ion battery gives the rider up to 35km range on a single charge and the new wider Super Carve Truck system allows for stability whilst being able to perform tight turns which lives up to our ethos of making insanely awesome carving machines!  

The Evolve ONE is our lightest board ever and is a great board for those wanting something that is portable yet packed with performance and a ride to match!


Deck length: 37"/95cm

Deck wheelbase: 26"/66cm

Trucks: Black GT Super carve 306mm/12inch width.

Wheels: Black Evolve GT 83mm 76A.  Also compatible with Loaded Longboard 80mm Kegels and Abec 11 flywheels (83mm, 90mm and 97mm).

Motors: 2000 watt high performance custom made sensored out-runner motor.

Bearings: Abec 9 Evolve Speedballs precision bearings.

Battery: Custom designed 36 volt 7AH Lithium Ion.

Recharge: Approx. 3.5 hours with standard charger (Optional fast charger 80mins).

Weight: 7.4kg/16.3lbs.

Range: Up to 35km/21miles range per charge for 85kg rider (varies depending on rider weight and terrain/inclines).

Top Speed: Approx. 36kph/22mph.  Can reach up to 42km/hr/26m/hr if using a larger size wheel. This may vary depending on rider weight, battery voltage and terrain.

Regenerative Braking: ABS firm & smooth braking providing power back into the battery with maximum control over speed. Has the ability to bring you to a complete stop if required.

Noise: Minimal noise

Acceleration: Smooth stepless acceleration from slow to top speed.

Remote: R2 Remote

Max Load: 100 kg / 220 lbs.

Terrain: Smooth and hard surfaces ie tarmac, bitumen, concrete for the Street GT.

Slides: Yes

Hills: Up to 20% gradient in PRO mode (insanely STEEP!).